WinPrint 2.0

A modern take on the the classic source code printing app from 1988.

winprint is the perfect tool for printing source code, web pages, reports generated by legacy systems, documentation, or any text or HTML file. It works interactively or from the command line making it great for single users or whole enterprises.

Get WinPrint 2.0 here

WinPrint 1.54

WinPrint 1.54 was released January 11, 2000. This new version fixes a Year 2000 bug where dates printed in the headers and footers appeared incorrectly.

WinPrint is a text file printing utility which makes printing ASCII or ANSI text files in Windowstm incredibly simple. Without changing a single option text files can be dropped on WinPrint�s minimized icon from File Manager and those files will print, formatted with headers and footers including the filename, date printed, date revised, and page numbers. Of course WinPrint also allows the user to change all imaginable options via an elegantly designed user interface.


WinPrint is the perfect tool for printing reports generated by legacy systems, source code, shareware documentation, or any standard text file. It was designed to be operated either interactively or in "batch mode" making it perfect for single users or complete enterprises.



  • Drag and Drop files from File Manager
  • Print "multiple-pages-up" on one piece of paper (saves trees!)
  • Complete control over all page formatting options, including headers and footers, margins, fonts, page orientation, etc...
  • Clean and elegant user interface
  • Small and fast, written in tight �C� code
  • Complete command line interface. Allows WinPrint to be called from other applications or solutions.
  • Configurations can be saved and multiple copies of WinPrint can be run at the same time, each with its own configuration.
  • Thorough on-line help

WinPrint is shareware. Download WinPrint 1.54 and try it for 21 days. If you like it pay the $25.00 registration fee, otherwise just remove it from your system.



Copyright 1997 Charles E. Kindel, Jr