INIedit 1.31

INIedit 1.31 is the quickest, most efficient way to modify Windowstm "INI" files. Most Windowstm programs save configuration information in INI files and, unfortunately, users are often required to edit them manually. The simple and elegant user interface makes a sometimes scary task easy.


INIedit follows the "Keep it simple stupid (KISS)" principle by not trying to solve all the problems of Windowstm configuration. It won�t un-install software. It won�t detect interrupt conflicts. But it does make it easy to change INI file settings.



  • Well designed, easy to understand user interface.
  • Prints INI files.
  • Allows editing of INI files that are in directories other than the WINDOWS directory.
  • Can be launched from other applications, allowing it to tightly integrate into larger solutions.
  • Small and fast, written in tight �C� code.
  • Thorough on-line help.


INIedit is shareware. Download INIedit 1.31 and try it for 21 days. If you like it pay the $25.00 registration fee, otherwise just remove it from your system.




Copyright � 2007 Charles E. Kindel, Jr