Blog Posts of Mine You Should Read

Book Reviews and Authors

I read. A lot. Sci-fi, historical fiction, thrillers, non-fiction, ... you name it. Sometimes I write little reviews...

Car Stuff

  • Porsche Option Decoder
    If you have a classic Porsche this little web app will decode the option codes you'll find on your car.
  • 1995 BMW M-Sport Information
    I used to own one of these very rare and special cars. This site was created to document everything known about them.

Personal Software I've Written

  • I'm "tig" on Github
    Most of my current open source projects are on Github.
  • WinPrint
    A text file printing utility I wrote in 1988 which makes printing text documents in Windows incredibly simple. NEW: WinPrint 2.0 released in Feb 2020.
  • MCE Controller
    MCE Controller allows Windows Media Center (aka MCE) to be integrated into an advanced control systems such as Crestron by enabling programmatic control of the user interface via a TCP/IP connection.
  • INIedit
    INIedit is the quickest, most efficient way to modify Windows .INI files. Not that anyone cares anymore.

Random Stupid Stuff